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Maintaining your jewelry is a must when wanting to have it look as great as when you first purchased it. That is why we recommend to come in and have us specialists look at your precious pieces. We will inspect and have you noticed about all type of services and tips we can offer to keep your jewelry as beautiful as it once was.

Polishing; is one of the most important services for your jewelry. Polishing your ring will relieve your ring of any scratches or tarnishing that may have occured since you first wore it. It keeps it shinny just as brand new.
For example: If you wear your engagement ring or wedding band every day, maybe it’s time for you to bring in for a through polishing and rhodium plating job.

Rhodium Plating; Rhodium is a silvery white precious metal which is used to coat and enhance other metals. This finish is popular by giving the jewelry brightness, protection and longevity.


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